On Private Sessions:

WOW…..what a fabulous tarot card reading.   Deb, I cannot thank you enough for the accurate and comprehensive reading you provided me just the other day.  You are truly an amazing and gifted reader/intuitive.  You are definitely in your right profession.  What a gift to humanity you are.  I was so lost and confused and your kindness and compassion was so welcomed.  I never felt any judgment from you throughout the entire reading…..just kindness and compassion and so willing to help me…are so generous with your time.   You are like a breath of fresh air and I look forward to our next session with great anticipation!  You are truly a blessing to me and I am so very grateful to have found you….blessings to you Deb…many, many blessings to you.

M. – Chicago


It’s hard for me to find right words to convey to you what tremendous impact our yesterday’s session had on me. I think you have an extraordinary gift of foresight and I consider myself very lucky knowing you. It seems that the resonance created by two people thinking in unison adds that last crucial bit of momentum needed to break through an old pattern. I can clearly feel the connection, I see certain things, and I feel myself safe, loved and supported – something that I never was able to feel before, at least not by myself.

I was so tired from judging people on the basis of whether they like me or not, constantly being stuck in the fight or flight response.
I feel like somebody just took a foot off the garden hose, and the energy is finally moving through.

Thank you for helping me make it happen.




(Please note that English is Tee’s second language)

I read about Cardinal Cross on [an astrologer’s] monthly forecast. As usual, I read and forgot about everything.

However, all my tough times in August brought Cardinal Cross back to my mind. I ‘googled’, read article and watched Michael Lutin’s video on Cardinal Cross at the end of August. The day my trouble started coincided with the start of the Cardinal Cross. Only then I took the event seriously. I needed to consult someone who is able to look beyond present to tell me if I am able to survive the cross, so, I picked you. I took a risk as I need help.

It turned out that you are a very caring and trustworthy intuitive guide. If I look for help beginning of August rather than the end of August, perhaps I will have less trouble. But, never mind, its over, I will have to look forward to future.

Thanks a lot!!!

Tee, Great Britain

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I did not know Deb before my first over-the-phone consultation with her. In the first five minutes of the consultation she described my situation very precisely, focusing exactly on the questions that interested me the most. After that we spent time discussing different aspects of the problem, which helped me realize some important points that were not clear to me before. I had a follow-up 30 mins consultation with Deb in about two weeks.

After my sessions I could suddenly see ways to resolve my problem.

I feel like for a long-long time I was orbiting around a heavy center that I could not escape.  No matter what I did, I was going in circles, every once in a while returning to the place of pain with no hope.  These sessions added just the right amount of extra energy allowing me to finally break the vicious circle and take off in a new direction.

I got so much more than I expected.

Thank you Deb

Anna, Illinois

A few words about my recent consultation …

To begin with, her initial spread was amazingly accurate, she described my situation quite exactly & in fact addressed the very situation I had planned to ask about, before I could even bring it up. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurately she saw into that problem, & while I may not “like” the advice to let that situation go, I do feel it was helpful advice, & advice I’m already implementing.

She also verified my own internal feelings about the direction my career is taking right now, even tho I already felt that I was on the right path, it is very nice to receive validation, I love getting that pat on the back from the universe.

As to some of her predictions for my future, I guess I’ll just have to wait & see. I’m eager to see how things pan out becuz I truly felt that Deb had some interesting insights.

Thanks again! I’ll be in touch!

bright moments

alicia minor – Vermont

and later, from Twitter (with permission)…y’wanna know what you were SO DAMN RIGHT about? my career taking off, my name being known everywhere, etc… this summer has been amazing!!


Thank you for such a wonderful consultation! This was such a treat for me. It’s not often that I’m delightedly surprised.

I myself am a tarot card reader, which gives me a bit more insight into the workings of this type of consultation.

I’m very impressed with the quickness and depth of your intuition. Your correct interpretation of the events in my life, past and now, is enough justification for me to know that the future events predicted will surely come to pass.

The degree of detail was confirmation to me, as I didn’t supply that information to you.  I’ve already started referring friends to you, as I know you will guide them with truth and compassion.

Blessings, Robin – Vermont


My reading with Deb with very insightful and valuable. It gave me a lot to think about, and also offered new ways of thinking about areas of my life that I had already more or less “set in stone.” I was worried about formulating a question, or what  area of my life I wanted to know about, but the reading actually unfolded nicely. When I became roadbloacked about topics, Deb offered suggestions of topics that I might want to know about. I would highly recommend a reading with her.

Teresa – Chicago


In my opinion it’s hard to find the real deal in the world. Deb is indeed the real deal. I myself am a tarot reader and not easily impressed, but I very much was. Will I seek her services again? In a hot second!! Her consultation left me with much to think about and an excitement about a positive future when I needed it the most. I honestly cannot recommend her more.

–Michelle Nichols, Washington State


I had my session on February 19.  It was pretty awesome! At first I was nervous and my mind was a blank, I couldn’t think of any questions! Deb was very nice and I felt relaxed immediately.  She is funny and compassionate, she reminded me of Sylvia Browne.

The first spread of cards brought up something very strange, she said an old flame either has or would re-enter my life.  I am very happily married so I was thinking, what the heck?  After she started explaining what she saw in the cards it dawned on me! My husband had just met a guy I used to go to grade school with at a job he was on.  He was talking about me to someone else and this guy came up and said what was her maiden name?  My husband told him and he said “I know her! We used to go to St. Ann’s together!”  This guy was my very first 6th grade crush.  Awwww.  I was a new kid in a new school, in a new state and he was the first person to talk to me.  He was also the class clown and even had the Nuns in hysterics.  He and my husband are making plans to get the two couples together for dinner!

She also answered a question about an overseas job my husband has applied for and told me that it would not be in Afghanistan (which was a big relief!) She told me he will go to Iraq, and it will not be as dangerous.  The only downside to this she saw,  was me missing him.  I definitely will! My husband is my best friend.  He needs this job because it pays very well and will help us save our business and house, plus pay off the bills.  I am not as nervous that if he gets this job he will get hurt or killed because she said she did not see any danger.

She helped me make some decisions in regard to my artwork (I am an artist) and what would be the best course to take.  She also told me she saw my kiln finally being hooked up!  I have only been after my husband for MONTHS to do it! lol

I have been trying to get pregnant for years now and have pretty much given up on it.  Deb told me she saw me pregnant, BUT I will probably find out the day after my husband leaves for his 18 month job overseas!  Figures! Just my luck!~  All in all, I would highly recommend a reading to anyone!  It was great and if my husband gets this big bucks job you can guarantee I will be calling Deb once a month!  Thanks Deb!

Heidi, Pennsylvania

PS – I let hubby listen to the recording and he said “Wow, she is really right on!”


Thank you very much for a very comprehensive and objective consultation. I  gained a much better perspective on a lot of confusing areas that have been cause of concern for myself, –my career, my husband, and my close circle of friends. I now better understand that I need to prepare for a little bit of the unexpected and some chaos, but that good things happen, and I should welcome them my way when the do. I feel much more at peace now that I have some sense of where things came from and may be headed.
Thank you so very much!

See you online!
Jessica – Illinois


As a Tarot reader, I love Deb’s approach to these sessions: down-to-earth, practical and fun. That doesn’t take away from the mystical aspect, mind you. There’s plenty of spirituality behind the laughter. I found our consultation to be informative and wise. I was able to relax and step back from my role as a reader to being a listener/client. What a relief! I highly and unreservedly recommend her for a consultation, whether you are a novice or long-time reader.

Raven Mardirosian- Vermont
Matarot Intuitive Wellness and host of “Tarot Talk” on BlogTalkRadio


…I tossed around questions that I might ask for the few days before the session, and decided to ask a select few that were my main focus. It became completely evident at your first hello that you were a warm and caring person, completely confident and comfortable at what you do. Your expertise at interpreting the cards was amazing, and your insights were spot on in accuracy. You went right to the base of the issue without beating around the bush, and gave me answers to all the questions I had in a clear and understandable manner. Your focus on the positive was exactly what was needed!

As a professional reader myself, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had my own cards read, and never in my recollection have they been read so well. Kudos to you, and thank you again very, very much!

Brightest Blessings,
Jennifer ShadowFox , Florida


Wow I am still floored from our session. I was scared to hear what was going to come out because things just started to get good for me and now I know they are going to get better because I am going to work towards what I want. It was so good talk to a fellow pisces. Pisces are the Best :). Everyday I have a smile on my face and the weight has been lifted. Thank you so much.

Susana, Texas


My consultation wasn’t at all what I expected and yet exactly what I expected, if that makes sense. My job, my daughter, my grandson … all that was confirmed with few surprises. The shocker was my husband, who was actually an afterthought for me since we “are fine.” But, I had ten minutes to go and asked about him. Imagine my shock when I was told there was trouble in my paradise. The insight offered provided me an opportunity to address the situation head-on and I did just that. She was right!!! My husband is dealing with something I knew nothing about. With Deb’s insights, I was able to address the situation immediately and provide assistance to my husband. The session was an amazing experience … just amazing

Elizabeth — Alabamaindigobuntingcp

Thank you so much for the consultation. Everyone has told me to move on with my life without my husband in it, but for some reason I just felt like I couldn’t do that. I can’t imagine him not ever being in my life again. You confirmed that he will be back in my life even with all the ups & downs we’ve had this past year.

Also, I appreciate the info about the job! I’ve been so worried that I wouldn’t get it.
You have been absolutely wonderful!!

Nancy – Tennessee


I had my consultation with Deb and she was right on.  She was right about an old relationship and she is right about getting over it. She was right about me needing to find time for myself. All in all she is she best coach I have ever had and I was amazed that she said was so right on. I was amazed and still am. She told me stuff I could not believe she could not have known. She floored me when he told me about knowing about an old relationship.This is something that no one knew but me. Thank you very much Deb. I appreciated it and was so glad you are real.

Susan, Pennsylvania


I really enjoyed talking with Deb. I found it very helpful and her words have encouraged me to let go of some things and try some new things. I found her to be very insightful when I asked questions about my 5 sons’ life situations. I definitely wished I had an hour and will be saving my pennies for another consult. She didn’t” scare” me or” predict the future”, she just gave helpful insights and suggestions. I am very pleased. Thank you.

Jen, Illinois


When I signed up for a consultation with Deb I was a little wary… But, she sounded like such a normal person on her blog that I figured, what the heck. Before the call, I was thinking that after she said whatever she said, I wanted to ask her about a specific situation that had happened that week. I had done something with good intentions but my friend (and co-worker) said she ‘felt betrayed’ by what I had done. This situation bothered me a lot so I thought I’d ask Deb about it, at the end of the session. That was my plan. But this is how my consultation with Deb began: “There has been a betrayal. Well, not exactly a betrayal. But someone you are close to feels that you have betrayed them, when you were simply moving towards what you thought was a great idea.” I hadn’t heard the word “betrayal” in years. But now I had heard it twice in one week—once from my friend, and once from Deb. But the really valuable part was that her coaching included advice on how to handle the situation in the best possible way, for the best possible outcome. So that is what I am doing and that is how it is unfolding… and that wasn’t the direction I was headed in before the call with Deb.

JM, Michigan


I appreciated the session we had a few days ago and wanted to let you know that your prediction about a “disappointing” insurance settlement came to pass today. The neat thing is that I had that time to really think through what my response would be if such an offer came, and so today when my attorney phoned I was able to be immediately clear that I wanted to turn the offer down and move forward with pursuing a better payment. So thanks. You can be sure I’ll be consulting you again.


Resta – Indiana


Shelly entered the Rune Contest in April of 2011, and wrote this testimonial about the experience:

I really love Deb Frueh’s talk show on Blogtalk radio, ‘GPS for your Life’. I discovered the show a few weeks ago and love to listen in to keep my brain entertained while I’m doing something blah, like ironing! It’s a great way to get a bland chore done and make it absolutely fun! I could listen to Deb all week-long!

Last week, Deb’s show was about Viking Runes and she held a contest to give away a very nice set of Runes. I was the very lucky winner of the generous gift and they arrived in my mailbox today. I was delighted when I opened the package to find that Deb had used a tarot card as a gift tag; the Queen of Cups. Oh boy, does that card describe me!! Also it was wrapped in lovely astrology paper. It was so nicely done, I could feel Deb’s good energy all over it. Even my 12-year-old kitty Muffin was excited about them!

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