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Hello, my name is Deborah Frueh.

Thank you for your interest in contacting me.  

My Story

I began searching for my own personal destiny at the very beginning of my life. As the second of 7 children, I had plenty of time to read, question and explore beliefs while I was growing up. My mother, Marian Tompson (co-founder and past President of La Leche League International, Inc.) and Clement Tompson (leader of the research group who invented the first remote control) both had deeply inquisitive minds that challenged me in all the best ways every day.

It was a search that took me from ancient beliefs to the outer fringes of modern thought, and all the way I tested, tested, tested what I learned – always looking for the true path for me.

In 1993 I was given the chance to interview the heads of most of the world’s religions at a conclave held in Chicago called “The Parliament of the World’s Religions.” It was there that I realized that all of my searching was taking me in circles – that The True Path was actually everywhere, that all roads lead to the same conclusion if practiced with an open heart and an open mind – and a willingness to learn and change.

I was also a single parent with four children and a philosophical need to find my place in the big picture rather than collapse into victimhood as a coping mechanism.  It was a deep and sometimes tortured journey but I held fast to the belief that I could find the answers I was looking for.  I stood in the river of my life facing that belief and eventually found the answers that work for me.

However, I tried a lot of paths – famous, infamous and largely unknown, only to find myself in the place where I started.  So I understand the size and shape of the mountain we all are called to climb.

More than twenty-five years ago, after a series of interesting events, I learned to read the Tarot – a deck of cards designed to help people look beyond the surface of their lives and into the mechanisms that are driving it. I found that in many instances, the Tarot was an invaluable tool in divining one’s life purpose.  This marked the beginning of my journey of discovering and mastering intuitive tools.

I’ve augmented that training by becoming a Certified Life Coach, Tachyon Level Reiki Master and Numerologist, and have been working in this field professionally for over 25 years.

I’m a wife, mother of four and grandmother of ten, and spend my time both online and off helping others reclaim their life’s passion.

I live with my husband in a log cabin on a lake in a forest outside Chicago.

You can find all my contact info here.


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