Your Destiny Should Not be the Road Less Traveled

by Deb on May 8, 2012

You know it – I know it – and we all do it —

We put everyone else ahead of ourselves, make sure everyone is safe and sound, happy and attended to, fed and loved.

But who is doing that for US?

We’ve all heard the blah, blah, blah about how if we don’t give to ourselves first we won’t be able to give to others forever, but who has the time to stop and delve into that black hole that’s been pushed under the rug for so long?

All roads lead to Rome. But every road (YOUR road) is unique! We all have a power and talent, but we habitually put them on the shelf for ‘later’ – and when ‘later’ arrives, we’ve  forgotten what to do with them.

Let me help you.

You can arrange a FREE 15 minute “Find Your Unique Destiny” call with me, and I will help you drill down to what it is you came here to earth for!  You didn’t just come here to give give give and get used up – you came here to help others, and in turn, reap the joy that comes with being where you belong.

LET YOUR SPIRIT CELEBRATE YOU – Because you have found your place in the scheme of things!

Just Click Here and we’ll get the process rolling!


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