My Story

by Deb on October 23, 2011

I don’t come from a long line of Gypsies,

I don’t belong to a Secret Society,

but I think you’ll relate to my story, because…………


I think I’m a lot like you.

I try to live right and be a good person, but sometimes it feels like the harder I try the further behind I get.  Instead of having a job that I loved, I’d go to work dreading it.  Instead of being the perfect mom, I saw myself always falling short.  And as for my love life, well, let’s just say it was “missing in action”.

That’s how my life was.

It seemed like it wasn’t me who was in charge, it was my problems calling the shots, and I wondered how I would ever come out ahead.  I needed some solid answers, or at least a good direction to head in.  I guess what I was really looking for was some kind of “access to the unknown”.  I know – that might sound like I was asking for a bit too much, but honestly, I was tired of fighting the same battles over and over.  If only someone could look into a crystal ball and…..

OK. I’ll admit: I paid a few psychics for their advice.  I would cave in to the urge every now and then, and even though I had no idea if they were any good, I’d visit a psychic out of sheer frustration!  You and I both know how that turned out.  They really couldn’t see my life, my problems, but they were happy to pretend that they did.

I even thought to myself that maybe I could learn to do what they do – just to help myself…and I tried.  I bought myself some tarot cards and a book. I dragged my friends into my living room and tortured them with my stilted attempts at “seeing behind the curtain” of their lives.  I guess I was pretty comical, but I kept on trying — even though I knew I really wasn’t “getting it”.  At all.


And Then Along Came Mary

Then a co-worker invited me to a party at her house.  There was a tarot card reader there named Mary.  I looked her over and she seemed normal:   a young mom with blonde hair, blue eyes.  She went into a separate room, taking the first person in for her reading; the rest of us waiting outside. I wondered to myself…was this just one more person who would tell me more meaningless gibberish?  I stood outside the door, waiting and watching.  I wanted Mary to be able to help me find my way through the fog that I was living in, but I didn’t hold out much hope.

People were coming out of the room she was doing her readings in with looks of astonishment and big smiles on their faces.  I was getting excited and when it was my turn, I was jumping for joy! FINALLY! Someone who could answer my questions, see the big picture with my problems, tell me if I was ever going to fall in love again, for heaven sakes!!

So I walked into the room and sat at the table.  She smiled, asked me my birthday and started shuffling the cards.  These cards were beautiful. I’d never seen anything like them. As she laid them out, I couldn’t help but have a good feeling inside.  But instead of telling me about my life, instead of solving all my problems, she looked up at me from a pile of face-up tarot cards and said, “You’re a reader, aren’t you?  I can’t read for you…You already know how to do this.” …and that was it!


I Had Reached a Moment of Truth!

I begged and pleaded – I had work problems, money problems, kid problems, love problems, and she would not read the cards for me.  I told her how I had tried reading and how bad I was – horrible, really. No one in their right mind would consider me a tarot card reader, please, please read for me!!

But she wouldn’t.

I got up to leave. I was miserable. I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach.  I rejoined the others at the party, but planned to leave right away.  Talk about problems, now all of my real problems paled in comparison to this cryptic message: “You already know how to do this.”

I picked up my coat and my keys and headed for the door.  Mary was just coming into the party for a cup of tea, so I did something I can’t even explain.  I wanted to ask her to try again — that she had me mixed up with someone else – that everyone else was so pleased with her readings, I just knew she could read for me…but no. Instead, I blurted out,  “what tarot deck are you using?” “The Mythic Tarot” was her answer. She smiled and headed into the party.

I left.  I sat in my car in disbelief.  If I had begged and pleaded, did I really think she’d relent?  And why oh why did I ask her that dumb question: “What tarot deck are you using?”  I mean, who cares, really? She won’t read for me. I’m doomed to go through my life bumping into doorframes that are perfectly obvious to her, but invisible to me.  Now, I was positive – I was stuck here forever.

But I didn’t forget about that night, and I never forgot that out-of-left-field question at the end.  I wasted a lot of time, but I finally broke down and bought The Mythic Tarot.  I begged my poor friend Lisa to sit through “just one more reading – I promise!”  And because she was still my friend, she did.


I Met The Unexpected Face to Face

Something I never expected in a million years happened in that reading.  When I looked at the cards, it was clear as a bell what was going on in Lisa’s life.  When I laid out the spread, it was almost like watching a television show about her various problems – and I was getting a peek at the script! Lisa was dumbfounded.  But even better than that – SO WAS I.  The curtain had been pulled back.  The hidden hand, revealed.  Mary’s strange comment to me, vindicated.  I really was a reader.

That was many, many years ago.  I became a professional reader in the real world for about 25 years, and joined the online community in 2008 under the guidance of internet guru, Jeff Walker.  I enjoy the online business world so much, that in addition to reading for my clients world-wide, I now teach others in the metaphysical arts to launch themselves online and become successful, too.

I couldn’t have planned this path.  I really never saw it coming (due to my drama-filled start!) – But, now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What did I learn?  Embrace what you love, and don’t look back!

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!!!





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1 JessicaD October 24, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Lately I’ve been seeing and hearing stories about women who are able to help themselves out of confusion and mental fog. This story you just shared is yet another great testament at what we can do for ourselves, if only we truly *trust* that we can do it! Cheers!

2 Deb October 24, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Thank you, Jean. I tell my students, you don’t have to know famous people or have been abducted by aliens to tell a good story. Of course, it must be your real story, but it’s all in the telling.

3 Jean Maurie October 24, 2011 at 12:08 pm

Deb, I loved your story! So down to earth, so easy to relate to. I kept being told stuff like this when I’d go to group healing sessions and channeling groups. Like you, I didn’t believe them. Me? I don’t have the talent to do this, oh but I wanted to – so badly. I’d been interested in metaphysics and spiritual studies since the late 50s and UFO’s even as a child. What fun, to follow our dreams and have the courage! Thanks for sharing your story.

Love, Jean

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