Spoiler Alert

by Deb on September 9, 2011

 Perhaps you watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central – a basic cable channel.

Or, perhaps you do not.

Whether you are a fan of Steven Colbert, or can’t stand him – every so often he says something really profound.

In this video clip, Colbert investigates a report that states that people who know the ending to a given story – whether in print on TV or the internet – enjoy the story more if they know the ending before they start.

A sort of anti-spoiler alert.

But then he goes into a place I never expected:  he spoils the end of our lives by telling us we are going to die.

And then it gets REALLY good!

Colbert must have been reading my “GPS for Your Life” ebook, is all I can say….

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Thanks for the smile, Steven.

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1 Melanie Kandler September 13, 2011 at 11:08 am

Loved it! Guess I’ll just go ahead and have a great day.

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