Tee from Great Britain

Tee was deeply in the middle of a Life Lesson when she contacted me. She found me through Google, and took a chance that I could help her. Tee’s sessions were some of the most difficult I have ever done, because the advice for Life Lessons is never easy to give, nor to receive.

Tee’s situation did turn around, and she was so kind to write to me to let me know. English is not her first language, which makes this letter all the more touching!

My Story

When I came across cardinal cross on a monthly horoscope forecast, I did not pay much attention, I just read it for fun. I was unable to ignore the warning after I encountered series of problems and realised that my job was at risk. August was a perfect time for my leader to implement the plot to discredit me at work. He attacked me almost everyday. I was not prepared for all those as I had been given lots of works, hence, never came to my mind that I will lose my job. I was under his close watch. He recorded every tiny mistakes I made using his computer, including typing errors to prove my incompetence…. I felt like living in a war zone, spies everywhere, waiting to trap me… I was depressed. It did not seem to me that he is to give me time to find another job.

At the end of August, I started to search the information about Cardinal Cross on google, which lead me to Internal Wilderness Website. After watching Michael Lutin’s video on the Cross, I sent Deb an email to ask for her help. I received reply very quickly. I ordered for a session because I had to find a way out.

After the consultation, I became upbeat, positive and full of hope again. Deb told me to grit my teeth to get pass this difficult time, soon, there will be better life ahead of me. I was excited at work even though I was in deep trouble. My colleagues, including my leader wondered why I was still able to smile. My friend thought I did not work hard to find other job, she expected me to look worries. I was happy just because I choosed to believed what Deb told me.

Having seen me remained upbeat, my leader did raise the attacks on me, telling me that I am slow, below average, lots of other insultations and personal attacks, to teach me more lessons…….Unfortunately, all those attacks did affect me and I became helpless again as I still cannot see any good opportunies coming on my way .In September, I asked for help again from Deb. She was very kind to let me use the remaining minutes from the first consultation. In fact, she helped me more than I have paid for. I told her that I have to quit my job. She gave me very a good advice to cope with my leader, to learn from the lesson rather than run away from it. That was a very good advice, should I runway from it, I will definitely became more depress as there were no alternative for me to make a better life at that time. Also, I agree that it is important to learn from the lesson to avoid getting into the same problem again in future.

However, my situation has suddenly changed from the start of October. I have few good opportunities coming on my way. I am surrounded by positive energy. I hear from people who speaks kindly and positively of me, my university supervisor promised to write good reference letter to the interviewer. I am not alone anymore.

I still have some works to do for a better life. However, I am in a much better position than I were. I will never forget how Deb has helped me. She gives practical guide rather than just for the sake of making money.

She has a good heart and is a very caring person.

In future, should I need help again, I do not have to look elsewhere for I know Deb is the one whom I can rely on, and, she will be there to help.

Thank you Deb, I will definely want to keep in touch with you.

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