Marian Tompson

Evanston, IL

July 25th 2010

Dear LLLeaders and friends of La Leche League.

This is a letter I never expected to write.

After 54 years in LLLI, an organization I co-founded and have represented at meetings around the world,
I find myself unable to continue to support the new version of LLL that has been put in motion by the
Board of Directors and Executive Management.

So today, with sadness, I am resigning as an LLLeader.  We each have to be true to ourselves and I
cannot in good conscience support the organization that La Leche League has become.

But I am not calling for others to follow me in resigning.

You may find that being an LLL Leader still works for you. You may feel appreciated and respected. 
Perhaps your questions are being answered and you are provided with the tools needed to do your job. 
If you do not have to deal with power struggles or the confusion about assessment fees, liability and
agreements, then there is reason to stay on.  If being part of LLL brings joy to your life then by all means,
don't leave.

For there is no other organization, at this point in time, that provides the unique and inspirational support
to breastfeeding mothers and their families that LLL does.  How many times have we been thanked for
changing people’s lives?

There is no other system offering breastfeeding support that has worked so closely with the medical
profession from the beginning to ensure the scientific basis of what we teach.  We couldn’t have done
this without the the generous help of the Professional Advisory Board and the Health Advisory Council.  
Unfortunately, the continuation of this working relationship with the medical community is currently in jeopardy.
I’ve done everything I can to help the LLLI BOD understand the peril LLL is in under the current
management and because of the way the reorganization from Chaordic to Renewal to Distributive has
been handled.  The latest term used, “Distributive,” is particularly ironic given that so many of the changes
in LLLI now either come from the Executive Management or have to be approved by them.

The board’s dismissal of the concerns of Leaders as documented in the Leader Satisfaction Survey made
it clear that the board and management  were intent on plunging ahead with their plans no matter how many
valuable and generous Leaders they lost and no matter how the reorganization impacted the growth and
influence of LLL and the morale of so many

I’ve missed seeing you at our International Conferences.  As other Leaders have said, I will be happy to
return when and if LLLI returns to the principles on which it was founded and the mission it should serve. 
There have been some very good suggestions on how to bring this about in the letters of resignation recently
sent to the Board by other leaders.

In the meantime I wish there was some way to thank each of you in person for making our dream come true.
The world is a happier and healthier place because of you and La Leche League has enjoyed a stellar
reputation because of your commitment.

Thanks to you and because of you, we’ve made great strides in the past 54 years toward our mission to
help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother to mother support, encouragement, information
and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy
development of the baby and mother.

My love to all,

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” 
Dane Rudhyar

My permission is given to forward or post this email in the LLL community.