Shelly’s Rune Story

Shelly entered the Rune Contest in April of 2011, and wrote this testimonial about the experience:

I really love Deb Frueh’s talk show on Blogtalk radio, GPS for your Life. I discovered the show a few weeks ago and love to listen in to keep my brain entertained while I’m doing something blah, like ironing! It’s a great way to get a bland chore done and make it absolutely fun! I could listen to Deb all week-long!

Last week, Deb’s show was about Viking Runes and she held a contest to give away a very nice set of Runes. I was the very lucky winner of the generous gift and they arrived in my mailbox today. I was delighted when I opened the package to find that Deb had used a tarot card as a gift tag; the Queen of Cups. Oh boy, does that card describe me!! Also it was wrapped in lovely astrology paper. It was so nicely done, I could feel Deb’s good energy all over it. Even my 12-year-old kitty Muffin was excited about them!

I do have experience with Runes, as a matter of fact, my heritage on my maternal Grandmother’s side is Swedish so they are near and dear to my heart. Each and every tool I have in my arsenal has an individual energy of its own so I am very excited to see how these beautiful runes read for me and I have just the topic in mind to test them out:

I am a Reiki Master, so I know full well that to accomplish total healing of mind, body and spirit you must remove negativity and stress from your life. I work very hard in my personal life to be self-aware, reasonable and realistic about life and situations, good or bad. However, the one weakness I have that I have never been able to overcome is that I have expectations of people I love. I expect they are perfect, I expect they will love me exactly the same way I love them and I don’t give them any room for error. If someone is snippy with me, I take it to heart and it hurts me badly (creating stress). My brain tells me that I am never mean to them, so they must not love me like I love them. Phooey, but it’s the way I think. Silly! The fact of the matter is that people aren’t perfect and I don’t have any right to expect them to be. They’re all just fine people, it’s me that is unrealistic. It is time that I address this issue in my own head and I would like guidance from the runes about how I can find a place within myself to accept people as they are, with no expectations and love them as individual personalities. I really need to address this because it causes me to avoid people so I don’t get disappointed and it has also manifested as chronic arthritis which means pain. So here we go!

Since I already have experience with runes, I am going to show you one way that I use them but I’m going to refer to the book that came with these as Deb suggested during her show. I am going to put all of these lovely runes in a bowl and mix them up. I will concentrate on the guidance I am asking my Viking ancestors for (your ancestors don’t have to be Viking, it just so happens mine are). I close my eyes and mix the runes with my hand, then I grab a handful of them and drop them on the table in front of me. (On a table-cloth, towel or mat so you don’t scratch your table.)

I drew four runes out of the bowl. I don’t read the ones that are face down (see the image above) however, the second rune from the left is the blank rune. I will read that one today. Some rune readers will not use this blank rune for various reasons. I don’t, but I will today to demonstrate how it can add to a reading.

The closest rune to me, which gets my attention as more immediate in nature is Ansuz. Here you see it upside down and it looks like an upside down letter F. This rune set has images inside the front of the cover of the book so you can identify the rune and also tells you the one word meaning of the rune. On the inside of the back cover, you again see the images of the runes with the traditional name of the rune. My rune, Ansuz, is the messenger rune. It represents messages, signals and gifts. The text in the book in interesting and well-written. It is telling me that I should keep my eyes open for bearers of wisdom but that pranksters/tricksters can also bear wisdom. It tells me that Ansuz is the first in a cycle of 13 runes that focus directly on the mechanism of self-change. Hmmm, that’s very interesting. However, remember that this rune is upside down. The book gives you comment about how the meaning of the rune is affected if the rune is upside down and mine says that if the well is clogged, I need to clean it out and that I need to consider the use of adversity (in my case, adversity is teaching me a valuable lesson).

The blank rune is one to the left of Ansuz. This particular rune in this set stands for the unknowable. The book says that it is the rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of my most immediate contact with my own true destiny which time and time again rises like the phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate. The unknowable represents karma. It also tells me to take heart because by drawing this rune the work of self-change is present in my life. (I almost don’t need to go on do I? I have my answer already)

Finally, to the far left is the rune Sowelu which stands for wholeness, that which our nature requires. It embodies the impulse toward self-realization and indicates the path you must follow from the core of your individuality. The book cautions that though this rune has no reverse, you still need to be careful not to retreat in the face of a pressing situation (wow, I just told you I avoid people for fear of disappointment) especially if people are demanding that you expend energy. The book urges that I open myself up and let the light into the part of myself that I keep secret.

In summary, I hear that I am being sent a message, I hear that addressing this issue is part of my destiny, perhaps one of the lessons I am to learn in this lifetime. I feel validated that it is time to give this issue attention. I think I’ll also try to be extra aware of the challenges I may encounter that will help me learn the lesson once and for all (the trickster). The blank rune tells me that I am probably paying off a karma debt and Sowelu stresses how important it is that I am victorious in this effort. I think it’s clear that this was an amazing first reading. I fully believe that the right tools present themselves to me in every situation and these fabulous runes stepped right up and warmed my heart. I hear this message loud and clear.

Thank you so much Deb for this incredible gift. I encourage anyone that wants to learn to use the runes to consider this set. I think Deb has them in her store at her website. I really love the book. It is just enough information without being verbose. Sometimes too many words overwhelm me. I really like this book. I also like the runes themselves, they’re heavy and smooth. They feel good in your hand.

Deb’s show airs on Friday’s at 1:30 pm Central time and can be found here

Her website is here

Thank you again Deb, I love, love, love these runes!



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