“Instant Answers”– The Viking Runes

Here is a tool that no one should be without. If you need an instant answer, you simply hold the bag of Runes in your hand, ask your question, draw a Rune and look up its meaning in the book provided. I’ve posted an article below to explain their uncanny power. Learn more about the Viking Runes below.

Each order includes a set of 25 Runes, a book of interpretations, and a drawstring bag.

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The Viking Runes and YOU

The Runes are described as an Oracle.  An Oracle will not tell you what to do next in your life.  What it will do is point out the hidden motivations and inner choices which must be addressed in order to bring resolution to the situation at hand. Sometimes the information is very direct.  Sometimes, the Runes require reflection in order to fully understand and undertake the solution they describe.  Read More…

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