Classes and Workshops


How to Charge for Your Metaphysical or Alternative Services – in this class we learn

  • The spiritual principles behind charging for your services
  • What the phrase “money is energy” really means
  • What to do when people ask you for a free reading
  • As well as practical things like how you should accept money (Cash? PayPal? Credit Cards?)
  • How to raise your prices

and many other things, along with LOTS of discussion!

How to Market Your Metaphysical or Alternative Services¬†–¬†in this class we learn

  • How to define your niche
  • Marketing the Long Tail
  • The value and uses of an email list
  • Using Social Media

and many other facets of marketing along with LOTS of discussion!

Each of these classes is two hours long.



Cracking the Tarot Code

The first half of this workshop breaks down the structure and meaning of the Tarot deck in an easily digestible way. Discussion is encouraged!

The second half of this workshop is practical – everyone reads the cards for a partner. This is where it all comes together and makes sense.

You WILL learn how to read the Tarot by the time the workshop is over!

You will learn 3 spreads and also a way to keep in touch with your cards every day!

This workshop is 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. long including a break.


Please email or call me for more information! ~ +01-847-380-2098

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