You know it – I know it – and we all do it —

We put everyone else ahead of ourselves, make sure everyone is safe and sound, happy and attended to, fed and loved.

But who is doing that for US?

We’ve all heard the blah, blah, blah about how if we don’t give to ourselves first we won’t be able to give to others forever, but who has the time to stop and delve into that black hole that’s been pushed under the rug for so long?

All roads lead to Rome. But every road (YOUR road) is unique! We all have a power and talent, but we habitually put them on the shelf for ‘later’ – and when ‘later’ arrives, we’ve  forgotten what to do with them.

Let me help you.

You can arrange a FREE 15 minute “Find Your Unique Destiny” call with me, and I will help you drill down to what it is you came here to earth for!  You didn’t just come here to give give give and get used up – you came here to help others, and in turn, reap the joy that comes with being where you belong.

LET YOUR SPIRIT CELEBRATE YOU – Because you have found your place in the scheme of things!

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Healing Ourselves

by Deb on December 2, 2011

As a dovetail to today’s radio show broadcast – “GPS for Your Life” – I’m republishing an interview I did with Dr. Hew Len.  Dr. Hew Len revolutionized the traditional Hawaiian practice of  Ho’o’pono’pono.  This practice was originally developed decades ago to bring balance back to a family who was experiencing imbalance, unhappiness, chaos and the like.

Dr Hew Len took a job at the Hawaii State Hospital more than 30 years ago.  This hospital housed the most violent offenders of the Islands.  His job was as psychologist, but instead of seeing each inmate and using traditional therapeutic models on them, he applied his own version of Ho’o’pono’pono –  he simply sat at his desk, opened a file and began the process of finding out what it was in him that caused him to experience a violent murderer (for example) in his life.

He knew that his experience in the physical world of this violent offender was the result of something that was in his own mind…and he took responsibility for that.  He articulated the words of Ho’o’pono’pono:

I love you

Thank you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

And stayed with each phrase until he knew that he had accepted full responsibility for it.

He did this every day.  He never saw a patient in therapy.

Little by little things began to change at the hospital.  The garden was planted and not destroyed by angry inmates.  The walls were painted, and not defaced. Prisoners who had been shackled constantly were allowed to go outside and play tennis with the staff.  Within four years, most of the patients had been released, and a few relocated.  The prison was closed.

What happened?

A hospital that could not keep people on staff was suddenly overburdened with applicants!

This is not a myth.  This is a true story.  This story can be as true for you as it was and is for Dr. Hew Len.

Listen to my interview with him.*

Open your heart to the possibility that this actually works.

Then throw yourself into making it happen.

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*I conducted this interview years ago under my then-nom-de-plume, LucyD

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by Deb on October 31, 2011

You may have noticed a little icon to the right of this blog post.  It says “Contact Me Through KEEN” with a little icon of a telephone and a price of $2.99 per minute.

This is an experiment.



Keen is one of the longest-running and well-respected psychic networks in operation today.  If you go to their website, there are literally THOUSANDS of psychics ready to give you a reading.  Long ago I decided not to hook up with them because the chances of actually getting noticed, and further– getting CALLED, seemed impossible.

Then, they started a new idea:  GROUPS.  I have joined the Group on Nappn and also the Group on the Tarot Guild.  

There, I’m one of only a few readers, and many of the people at each of those sites know me.

Hence, the experiment.

You can always click on the little icon button without fear of getting in too deep.  Clicking on the button will give you the most up-to-date picture of my availability – since when I do change my status, it doesn’t populate across all locations at the same time.

If you do decide to call for a reading, Keen will take your credit card info to pay for it, then they’ll dial me up.

Yes, it’s true – I don’t get the entire $2.26 per minute.

Again – it’s an experiment.

Give it a try, and see if you like it!

Your feedback is invaluable to me!




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